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Vintage Dog Socks – Cute Novelty Socks – Graphic Crew Socks


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Vintage Dog Socks
Looking for a way to add some personality to your everyday style? Check out Graphic Socks! With a ribbed tube and cushioned bottoms, our socks are sure to make a statement. Plus, they’re super comfortable, so you can wear them all day long. Cute Socks are the perfect pair for you.
Cute Socks
Perfect fit
The ergonomically designed with arch support well-made cuff makes liner invisible Graphic Socks fit your feet perfectly, will not be tight, and neither loose.
For everyday use
Cushioned foot bottom makes Vintage Dog Socks a sure bet for everyday wear, from work, play, gym, sports, and beyond. These socks are designed to be all-season. This product is made breathable for when it’s warm but thick enough for when it’s cold during the winter.
Machine washable
Throw your new socks right in the washing machine on laundry day. Wash on cold and save!
Fine composition
Fiber with strong elasticity, breathable and comfortable, these socks are ideal for indoor and outdoor activity. Polyester and cotton. Cute Socks is designed and printed in California.


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